At Bellhaus Entertainment, we help clients in their creative media needs, as a multi-disciplinary agency, we employ effective strategies and services to help meet solutions and maximize the business of our client through the following branches:

Recording Studio

With newly acquired equipment and highly competent engineers on the helm, our Recording Studio offers the best quality when it comes to music production, commercial services and other different audio recording needs.

Artist Management

Discovering new artists is the lifeline of the entertainment industry, and the vital key is having fresh and popular materials. Bellhaus is trailblazing at supersizing this industry with just that—the next generation of talented, appealing and dedicated performers and music artists. Raw talent cannot be harnessed without a good captain steering their careers, with Bellhaus, expect the toatal package when it comes the next big thing.

Events Management

We offer you a personalized event management experience that will deliver what you desire for your project. We answer to different needs and demands and create spectacular solutions. Get your brand closer to your target consumers, make your presence more known or organize your most special occasion with us. With Bellhaus’ specialists’ you will be in good hands.

Marketing Services

We aim to make phenomenal hits happen. Stay tuned for the rise of a new breed of music coming out of our sleeves and captures your fancies and courts your ears. We will be the sought after unit by music producers and music enthusiasts alike.