Bellhaus Entertainment provides all you need when it comes to recording your music, score, dubbing and other audio recording needs. Gaining credibility in the industry, Bellhaus rolls with the times as they buff up their portfolio with refreshing their recording studio with new state of the art equipment. The newly acquired gear is a testament to the company’s thrust in bringing the best quality in sync with the  times.  It is no wonder that artists like Piolo Pascual, Daniel Padilla, Regine Velasquez, Angeline Quinto among others put their faith in the studio and it’s  engineers.

In utilization of its many capabilities, Bellhaus has developed its expertise in live recording. Giving audiences fresher takes on their favorite icons and songs. An example is a collaboration with Yeng Constantino, 2009 Aliw Awards Best New Female Artist, on her album “Yeng: Versions Live!”.

Though, still an emerging force in the industry, critics took note of the company’s energy to make it big. Awit Awards 2011 gave the Best Vocal Arrangement trophy to the company’s own Francis Salazar for his work on the song “Mahal Kita, Di Mo Pansin” by Kyla, who also bagged the Best Female Performer trophy.

Bellhaus does not plan on resting with what they have established. In the coming years expect continuous upgrade of services and expansion of their portfolio to be marked with integration of its 5.1 surround sound capability very soon.

Bellhaus believes that the newly aquired tools do not equate to instant quality. The company believes that sophisticated mechanism must be handled by superior engineers at the helm. Thus, they have entrusted them into the hands of a superb specialist, Dante Tanedo.

Dante Tanedo, Chief Sound Engineer – with 19 years of solid experience in the music industry, he has proven to be a true master in the field of sound engineering. A multi-awarded sound engineer, he has garnered numerous Diamond, Platinum, and Gold awards in project that he works his touch on.  Maintaining a humble attitude, he owes his success to his acquired ability in knowing what producers ant and maintaining effective relationships with them.  But, all his success does not slow him down, he believes that the industry runs in a fast-paced technology based environment and keeping abreast with the latest is top priority. He is indeed a master of innovation with a touch of soul. Melding the modern with the classic.



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